The Story Behind the Site

To understand where this mission comes from, let me give you a little family history of my own family tree research. When I was about eight years old, I remember my brother who is two years older working with our grandmother to create our family tree on a large piece of poster paper. If memory serves me correctly, he produced this for a school project.

Family Tree and Genealogy Photo


After he had presented the project, the poster ended up in a pile of other papers and projects and over the years, it probably ended up folded, bent, unusable and subsequently, in the trash heap. Not because it wasn’t an important document, but because there is just not much room available to keep such things in a family with seven children.

attended a number of family reunions over the years and had a pretty good understanding of who my relatives were in general but not exactly how I was related. Closer family members might tell me the relationships verbally but all of it just didn’t stick in my memory since I’m more of a visual person…………………. Contineu Reding…. Full Post Here

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