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Correct Family Tree Charts

How do you determine which type of family tree you want before you begin researching? Everyone putting together their family history is faced with certain choices. Who to include in the research? Where do I begin to research? These are all important questions that will determine the type of chart you decide to build.

family tree

When you are researching your family tree, you may just start out by finding out about grandparents and great grandparents but to find out who they really were and to find out those little, but important facts, you might want to consider broadening your research. There are several ways that you can do that, and below you’ll find out about all the different charts that you can follow.

Ancestry Photo From FullFamilTree.Com (3)

What is a family tree chart? 
A family tree by definition is a diagram of someone’s ancestry. So in essence it’s a map or chart showing the members of a family, their relationship to one another and even the dates of birth,

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The Story Behind the Site

To understand where this mission comes from, let me give you a little family history of my own family tree research. When I was about eight years old, I remember my brother who is two years older working with our grandmother to create our family tree on a large piece of poster paper. If memory serves me correctly, he produced this for a school project.

Family Tree and Genealogy Photo


After he had presented the project, the poster ended up in a pile of other papers and projects and over the years, it probably ended up folded, bent, unusable and subsequently, in the trash heap. Not because it wasn’t an important document, but because there is just not much room available to keep such things in a family with seven children.

attended a number of family reunions over the years and had a pretty good understanding of who my relatives were in general but not exactly how I was related. Closer family members might tell me the relationships verbally but all of it just didn’t stick in my memory since I’m more of a visual person…………………. Contineu Reding…. Full Post Here

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Share Your Genealogy Results

How are you planning to share your family tree-to-date? Remember that you will never finish a family tree, so do not wait until it is perfect and detailed to a high degree. At some point in time, you will want to share this family tree with your relatives, your cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents, etc.


I will assume that you have long ago discussed your family research with these relatives, perhaps when you interviewed them for information they might have. Perhaps they had documents or photographs, or family stories of ancestors that you were able to use for your research on various family lines. You probably found, as many people do, that they were happy to share information, and were very pleased that someone else – you – were doing this research! There seems to be at least one person every other generation who is interested in family history and all things genealogical. Your responsibility is to share your information!

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My Family Tree Video


My Family Tree Video…… Please See…. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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Genealogy and family tree templates

If you want to create your family tree, but do not know where to start, family tree templates can get you started on your genealogical adventure. By giving you a pre-designed family tree that you can fill in, you can easily assemble your Family chart of lineage and, while doing so, learn the proper format for family trees.

Family Tree Template

Family tree templates take the form of blank family trees that can be populated with the names of the people in your immediate and extended family. Often, these templates will include instructions that will explain how to fill in each rectangle with whose name and with what information. All you need to do is follow the directions and with family tree templates, you can have an impressive chart of your familial relationships in no time.

By providing you with instructions, format, and explanations of what everything means family tree templates can help you learn how family trees are made, assembled, and organized. Thus, if you want to continue your exploration of genealogy, you will have that much more understanding of what a family tree is, how it works, and how you can start building your own from scratch, if you so desire. Or you can simply use more family tree templates when you want to expand your genealogy beyond the scope of your current template. Some templates are even designed………………

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How To Make A Family Tree Template

“Darling! Where is my grandfather’s certificate of birth?”

“You think it was on my writing table? It isn’t there anymore!”

“Well, if it was there the other week, love, where it is now? I’m looking there, and it’s not there.”

“Belinda! Where did that sheet of paper go with my Mom’s information, you know the one with my great, great Granny’s name scrawled across the top?”

Family Tree Template

When I began my family tree research, conversation between me    and my wife went something like the above. It was wild. I had a pile of indispensable facts that sat on my desk in no particular order. It consisted of every document and photocopy I could find or buy about our family history, cocktail napkins with bits of the past on them, and assorted tablets filled with data. In next to no time, I was losing track of vital pieces of information, some of which I couldn’t remember I’d lost until weeks later. It was an expensive lesson and hopefully one you can avoid. Information and birth certificates needed to be reordered and once again attempts were made to organize it. I began to wonder if I’d taken on too much. It was then that I discovered the wonders of family tree software to help a build a tree but organize all my thoughts, bits and random errata into a coherent, usable form With that said, I would like to share with you my experience with family tree software and the different websites out there on the Net to help you produce your family tree. First, there is a difference between websites that have Ancestry research tools and information, and websites that offer ways to document your findings.. Initially I want to talk about those software and websites which keep track of the information you will collect and organize it into a usable form. I will also attempt to clarify what is, at times, a blurring of the two types of sites and software available.  Continue reading

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